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Artist Statement
James Melville Corey
January 22, 2023

I make my masks because it is my joy, and allows me to turn my anxiety, fear, and self-doubt daily into something true, beautiful, and good.


My mission is to inspire each of you to find your own unique creative outlet and do it every day.

This river of masks emerged out of a confluence of events in 2018: A Commedia dell’Arte leather mask making workshop in Florence, Italy, my entry into Jungian psychotherapy, and a necessity to take my hypomania, or extra energy, and channel it into a creative outlet.


In Jungian psychotherapy I learned about the ego, or the mask we show to others. I learned about the shadow, that which we hide from others. I experienced the process of holding my shadow up into the light of personal reflection and witnessing it.


As a result, a multiplicity of selves has streamed out of my subconscious and created this flow.

As you view my masks, I invite you to think about your own masks. What do you portray to others? I invite you to also think about your shadow.  What do you hide from others?  I then invite you to hold your shadow up into the light of personal reflection and witness it.


Embrace it. 


Love it!



James Melville Corey

Instagram: jamescoreyartdotcom


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