Update July 2020:  I've made a mask a day for the last 523 days.  It's been an incredible experience.  Finally getting good.   Each time I make one I meet another aspect of myself, and it helps me understand we are all universal beings. 

December 2019

I learned to make leather masks in the Commedia dell'Arte tradition in Florence, Italy, in 2018.  Now, at the end of 2019, I've become obsessed and am making on average a mask a day.  Today I'm working on the 280th mask of 2019.  I do not design these masks.  I cut shapes from the cow hide, and each one, as I shape it, emerges and surprises me.  No two are ever the same.  

I started arranging the masks from ceiling to floor, tied one to another, in a totem pole arrangement at first, then several, and now curtains.  I have the first 190 masks at my home in a 15' tall by 11' wide curtain.  In my art studio, I have the newer, larger masks all along the interior walls.

I am just beginning to market and try to sell the masks.  I have a sense each has a unique owner out there.  I also want to display them in curtains, and offer them in multiples to be displayed on walls of any dimension.  

I am truly letting the process emerge, and the masks, and me, find their purpose here.  Enjoy the variety of shapes, and the creatures flowing out.  

James Melville Corey

Seattle, WA

(206) 391-8172